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A place for those who love the Tarot, Astrology and other forms of Divination...a little Pagan Tea Room for Witches, Wiccans, Shamans, and other spiritual searchers, observations on the Tarot, Astrology and other interesting topics and discourse...Let me plump up the pillows for ya! Did I hear you say Darjeeling? With lemon? One lump or two?

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I have done Intuitive Counseling using the Tarot for almost 40 years and combine Astrology, Runes, Crystal Healing and other types of Divination into my Consultations. I am available for Private Appointments and Special Events such as Conferences, Showers, Weddings, Births and other Life Passages in the Tampa Bay Metro area. Rates for these special events are negotiable. Please be sure to call ahead to make an appointment or to schedule for your event.

If you are opening a new storefront or vending business or creating a website, I can give you information on different decks, provide samples and depending on the size of your business, give you suggestions on what kind of decks to have on hand for your customers. I can also find them online so you can order them cheaply. Special Consulting fees are negotiable.

Rates for Tarot Consultations in-person appointments are as follows:
$75 for 20 minutes
$100 for a half an hour
$150 for a LIFETIME Reading that lasts one hour.
ONLINE OR PHONE CONSULTATIONS are available for special fees!


Astrology Consultations provide quite a bit of additional analysis and are much more complex...starting rates for Astrology Chart Interpretation start at $100 and can go all the way to $200 depending on how you want your chart interpreted. 50% Deposit is required to cast the Chart and do the preliminary analysis and another 50% when we get together for the consultation. Plan on spending at least one hour with me. I do NOT just give you a printout from a computer program like many other Professional Astrologers do -- but an in-depth Personality and Psychological Profile, a Natal Chart, Planetary Transits for the next 6 months and a brief lesson on how to read your own chart.

***I can do a Natal Horoscope for a new birth! This is presented in a keepsake notebook, a lovely presentation for the new and proud parents and this makes a GREAT BABY SHOWER GIFT!

I also teach Classes in Tarot, Wicca, Astrology, Crystals, Runes and Chakra Energy. Rates for classes given in local stores are set by the venue unless we agree to private classes and those fees are negotiable. Email or call me for more information or any inquiries that you have.

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    Friday, January 30, 2009

    Diana's Bow Newsletter 1/29/09

    The latest edition of the DIANA'S BOW NEWSLETTER is up!
    To see it with the embedded graphics and links, just view on either of the following sites:

    To submit articles, poetry, recipes, art, photography, music or ads of any type, send all to Our publishing date is always three days after the New (Dark) Moon.

    the Tarotlaydee )0(

    Monday, January 26, 2009

    Hail and Welcome!

    With all of my old posts deleted, a real Merc Retro action, I started to do this blog again brand new. Come back often to check out and review the changes...will post my photography here as well. I can hardly wait until this Mercury Retrograde is over. For all intensive purposes, this will be my new site. I hope to have my own domain name soon...


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